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The Difference between Statistic and Statistical

Sometimes on a research that we face, we often find foreign words that perhaps we do not know. One of the basic words which may be unfamiliar to us that the words of the statistics and Statistical. At a glance, we thought that the sense of the two sentences have the same meaning. But if we know clearly, what statistics and statistical are, then we will not be confused anymore. In this article we will discuss anything related to statistics and statistical understanding and difference.

Definition of Statistic

Definition of Statistical
Statistical is the science that deals with the way of data collection, processing, analyzing, drawing conclusions and making well-grounded decisions based on data and analysis were performed. In studying the statistics, there are two approaches that need to be carried out as follows:

1. The theoretical aspect and focus on the mathematical formulas and methods where the argument comes from.

2. Aspects of benefit, formula or proposition which statistics were used to analyze the data in the study with the aim to solve the problems. So, in terms of the benefits do not learn from where the formula is found.

Definition of Statistics
While the definition of statistics declared to acknowledge your data set, numbers and non-numbers are arranged in a table or diagram that illustrates a problem. So, in the statistics, there are 3 main elements, namely:
  1. Ways or Methods and rules to infer and create tables or graphs of a data. For example a bar graph (Bar) and the graph line (Line)
  2. A ways or methods in making conclusion.
  3. The description of information about something.

In statistics, there are two parts that need to be understood in the research, namely:
  1. Descriptive Statistics is statistics to discuss regarding the collection, processing, presentation and calculation of the values of the data and is described in a table or graph.
  2. The Inductive Statistics is statistics to learn about how the conclusion made and also interpret the data that already exists.
Well, That's the definition of statistics and statistical. The differences and the explanation is. After reading this article if you are still confused please ask me. Thanks

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