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Ways to Accelerate or Speed Up Android Performance

The Android operating system is now increasingly popular among the people of the world. Prices of mobile phones as they are relatively cheap to be one of the reasons by most people in the world to use an operating system that Google is shaded. But not only the affordable price, but also a powerful performance. Some applications on Android Operating System can be downloaded for free, although there is also a paid version.

But did you know the longer used then the performance of the Android device will decrease?, as a result, the performance will be slower. To overcome this Android device, Android users usually perform in certain ways to keep a fast performance. To know these methods, please see the discussion below.

Speed Up Android Performance

The Ways to Keep the Fast Performance of Android

Restart Your Phone
When the device is too long, usually Android phones will be hot, and also slowing performance. Performance tends to be slow of course it will feel annoying especially when it is used for something that is important and requires quick time. To overcome this there are ways one of which is the first restart your Android phone. By restarting the automatic usage history will be lost, and the phone can be returned with faster performance.

Eliminating Applications Rarely Used
Accelerate the performance of Android, the next one is by removing rarely used applications. With so many applications that have been installed and are rarely used to make the Android device has the burden of excessive and likely to be in vain. Applications with enough capacity weight can affect the performance of the Android phone. Therefore, do checks on your phone and see which applications are rarely used and then delete or uninstall the application in order to eliminate the existing load.

Deadly Live Wallpaper
Use the live wallpaper it looks more attractive and appealing to the eye. But did you know that the use of live wallpapers can cause wasteful consumption of the battery in the cell phone battery runs out quickly as a result? In addition to phones with minimal specification or standard use, live wallpaper may cause the phone to be slow, Moreover, the added burden of other applications. Well for that if your phone is slow to use live wallpaper, you should replace it with ordinary wallpaper.

Cleaner Application
Install cleaner applications can be an alternative to help accelerate the performance of your Android. There are many cleaner applications that are downloaded for free via the Google Play Store. The main purpose of the application is to clear the cache file is the file after adoption takes place, by freeing RAM memory so it can get back to work more quickly during use. Read also : The Most Popular Android Application

Deadly Applications Running in the Background
Shut down the application that is running in the background becomes the next way in accelerating the performance of Android. Android device typically used after the application was closed even though the application is not completely gone. However, usually the application is still running in the background, as a result the application can be stacked when opening other applications. To cope with the usage history should be to eliminate the see which applications are running on the application manager.

That was some simple ways to speed up the performance of Android that you can know. Hopefully this article is useful. Thanks.
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