How to Attach any file in Android Gmail App – pdf, zip, txt etc

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Gmail app is pre-installed on your android phone, and you need to have an Gmail account to access Android phone, as this Gmail account will be integrated to your play store too. You can compose, read, delete synchronize and save your document to Download folder from your mail, but one of the difficulty you might face, is to attach a file like .txt, .pdf, .zip etc while composing a mail. By default, Gmail only allow to access or attach either gallery i.e pictures or video file or music files. You just need to install one of the file manager described below, to complete this task.
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How to Attach any file in Android Gmail App

There are many application, which makes an extension to attach file like .txt, .pdf or any from SD card. Here are few list:
Arc File Manager
Attachment [Gmail attach]
Gmail Attachment Manager
ES File Manager
Astro File Manager

And this list continues. But rather to confuse you with many app, i will just give review of two application i.e Arc File Manager and Gmail Attachment Manger.
Gmail Attachment and ArcFile Manager: Steps to Attach any file in Android Gmail App:
1.) Install either Gmail Attachment Manager or ArcFile Manager, in your android System.
2.) Open your Gmail and Compose new mail.


How to Attach any file in Android Gmail App

3.) Click on option, and select Attach Files or Attach Picture or Attach Videos, this will open an option to select from where and which application you want to attach file. (you need to select either ArcFile manager or Gmail Attachment)


How to Attach any file in Android Gmail App

4.) Navigate to file, and select that file. You can also navigate to your external card to attach files. Any you are Done.
Why i prefer ArcFile Manager? To attach any File in android Gmail App;
ArcFile Manager, not only manages your file system, but also Compress folder as .zip or .7z file, so that you can easily attach a folder. You can see another post which describes more about how ArcFile Manager Features and working.

If you find any other App, which is more convenient to use, than do comment below so that your friends and public can see your comment what you are using and why. Even do comment below if you find any problem while attaching file. Your valuable comment and suggestions are always welcome.

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