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Summary of the Great Gatsby

Nick Carraway goes to dinner when he comes to the New York for the first time Tom and Daisy’s house. There he meets Jordan Baker. Jordan Baker tells to Nick that Tom got a private phone from his mistress, Myrtle. Later in the evening, Tom and Daisy ask Nick about his engagement. He tells them he is not engaged, and that it is all gossipy misunderstanding. When Nick arrives home after the party he sees Gatsby, or who he feels is Gatsby for the first time standing out on the grass. He intends to go introduce himself but decides against it thinking that Gatsby would prefer to be alone. So he just watches him for a minute or two but the minute he takes his eyes off of him, Gatsby vanishes. The next day, Tom invites Nick and they pick up Myrtle. They go Catherine’s apartment for a small party. The party is mostly uneventful for Nick, but he is told some gossip about the state of Tom and Daisy’s marriage. Toward the end of the evening, Tom and Myrtle get is a fight about Daisy suddenly he strikes her and breaks her nose because Myrtle talking about Daisy’s bad behavior. It makes Tom angry.

the great gatsby

One summer evening, Nick goes to Gatsby’s house for the first time. He comes to the Gatsby’s party and meets Jordan Baker. In the party, many people talk about the true life of Gatsby. Everyone has their speculations as to how he obtained his money. Some say he was a bootlegger, spy during the war, some of people think that he has the look of someone who’s killed a man. While moving through the party Nick finally meets Gatsby although he was not aware of it at first. The make small talk and find out that they had seen one another during the war. But their talk is short lived because Gatsby must to attend to his business. Then, he meets again with Jordan. She tells about Gatsby to Nick. Later in the evening, Gatsby asks to speak to Jordan. When she is finished Nick is there and she tells him that Gatsby has told her something amazing that she can't talk about right now. But she asks Nick to look her up sometime.

Nick goes back to Gatsby’s for another party. Nick gives a detailed list of all of those in attendance and just what kind of people he thought they were. One morning, Gatsby’s car pulled up in Nick’s driveway. Gatsby invites Nick going to be lunch together. At the moment, Gatsby tells to Nick about his life. But Nick is not believed about his story and suddenly Gatsby shows him a medal which he earned from the war and a picture of himself at Oxford. When they reach the city, Nick is introduced to Gatsby’s friend Meyer Wolfsheim, who they dine with. They are talking about Meyer; Nick sees that Tom has also come to the restaurant. Nick thinks that he will introduce the two men but when he turns around, Gatsby has disappeared. After this, Nick goes to meet Jordan for tea. She tells him the story of how she got to know Daisy when they were both younger back in Louisville. Jordan tells to Nick about Daisy’s life when Daisy still young. Jordan realized that Daisy spent quite a bit of time with a young soldier in those days and Jordan knew that soldier was Jay Gatsby. But when he had to go to the war and they lost contact, Daisy ended up getting engaged to Tom. And now Daisy had forgotten all about Gatsby until she heard Jordan and Nick talking about him not long ago. Daisy asks about him and Jordan pieces together that he was the soldier Daisy had spent so much time with. Nick argues that for them to be living near one another now but Jordan says that it is anything but. Gatsby bought the house to be close to Daisy. This is where Nick fits in. Gatsby would like for Nick to help him see Daisy again.

The other day, When Nick returns from the city that evening, he finds Gatsby admiring his house. he tells him that he plans to invite Daisy over for tea. Gatsby tries to act casual but it is obvious he is excited. During their exchange Gatsby tries to offer Nick some kind of job, but Nick sees it only as a polite gesture and turns it down. The next day Nick invites Daisy to tea and tells her not to bring Tom. Gatsby comes over to inspect everything to make sure that the tea goes perfectly. Daisy finally arrives and Nick goes out to meet her. When they return inside Gatsby is nowhere to be found. A moment later there is a knocking at the door and Gatsby walks in. He and Daisy look at one another in awkward surprise. Nick tries to make the afternoon go smoothly but realizes that the two would like to be alone. He goes out to his porch to let them catch up. When he returns the two seem relaxed but entranced with one another. Gatsby invited them over to see his house. While walking over Nick asks Gatsby about how he made his money but is answered with a curt "that's my business". The group walks through and Gatsby tries to impress Daisy with all of the possessions he has filled his house with. Nick, again realizing that his presence is not needed, leaves the two alone.

One day, a reporter comes to Gatsby's home one day trying to learn about him since Gatsby has become a sort of celebrity. He asks questions about many of the myths surrounding Gatsby, but Nick gives us the truest account of Gatsby's life. He was born James Gatz in North Dakota. His parents were poor farm people and to escape the blandness of his existence, Gatsby created a fantasy world. Part of this fantasy included the name Jay Gatsby. As a young man he worked along the shore of Lake Superior doing odd jobs. He tried a small college for a couple of weeks but quickly grew restless and went back to the shore. While walking the shoreline he spots a yacht owned by the wealthy Dan Cody. He warns Cody that he might have sailing troubles. Cody takes Gatsby under his wing. When Cody died Gatsby was supposed to get a large portion of his fortune but was tricked out of it. But Gatsby had created a persona and found something that he wanted to achieve at all costs. After an absence of several week due to work Nick goes over to see Gatsby one Sunday afternoon. While there Tom Buchanan and two others arrive on horseback. Gatsby tries his hardest to be hospitable to the trio. They make an attempt to invite Gatsby with them somewhere, but when he goes to get ready they leave without him. At the next party Gatsby throws Tom and Daisy arrive. Tom immediately dislikes the party and begins to question how Gatsby came into so much money. Daisy also seems to be unhappy at the party which frightens Gatsby. He tells Nick that he will make things right with her and they will be able to go back to how they once were. After hearing this Nick tells the reader of an evening Gatsby and Daisy spent together in their youth. The moment was so perfect and beautiful to Gatsby that he has spent all of his time trying to recreate that moment. It is this recreation that he believes will make him happy.

Nick goes to the Buchanans for an afternoon with Tom, Daisy, Gatsby, and Jordan. While they are there the group, including Gatsby, sees Daisy's child for the first time. As the group is talking Daisy says she loves Gatsby in front of Tom but he thinks nothing of it. Being a hot and uncomfortable day they all decide to go into the city to find something to do. Tom asks to take Gatsby's car. It seems odd to Gatsby but he lets him and Tom, Jordan and Nick drive off together with Daisy and Gatsby in Tom's blue sports car. Tom stops at Wilson's garage to fill up the gas tank and speaks to Wilson. Wilson alludes to the idea that he thinks his wife is having an affair and that he wants to get some money to move out west. While this talk is going on Nick thinks he sees Myrtle watching them from the window. The groups meet up in the city and decide to get a hotel suite and make a few cold drinks. While there, Gatsby and Daisy begin to act more obvious about their affections in front of everyone. Tom begins to get angry and starts shouting at them. As the fight goes on Gatsby tells Tom that Daisy has never loved Tom and has always been in love with him. Daisy quietly agrees. Tom, enraged, says that he has investigated Gatsby and found out that he earned his money through being a bootlegger. The argument dies down and Gatsby and Daisy decide to leave in his car. The rest of the group quietly exits with Tom.

Meanwhile Michaelis, a neighbor of Wilson's stops by to see him and finds him very ill in his office. Wilson tells him that he locked his wife up and that they will be leaving tomorrow. Wilson never tells Michaelis why they are leaving or why Myrtle is locked up. He leaves Wilson alone. Later, he comes out of his restaurant and hears Wilson and Myrtle fighting. During the fight she runs into the road just as two cars are approaching in either direction. She is hit and killed but the car does not stop. It is later found out that the car was Gatsby's and Daisy was driving it. Tom pulls up a little later when he sees all of the commotion around Wilson's. Wilson believes that it was Tom who hit his wife since Tom was driving that car earlier in the day, but Tom assured him it wasn't. When the group arrives back at Tom's Nick decides to wait outside for a cab. While waiting Gatsby appears from behind a bush. He admits that Daisy was driving the car. Nick asks Gatsby to come back with him but Gatsby wants to wait outside the house to make sure that nothing happens to Daisy.

Early the next morning Nick goes over to check up on Gatsby. He has been at Daisy's all night just watching to see if she was safe. He and Nick stay up talking about Gatsby's past. Gatsby is being very honest with Nick and tells him that Daisy was the first nice girl he had ever really met. He was in love with her and planned on marrying her but the War split them apart. When it was over he intended to go back and marry her but ended up at Oxford instead. When he finally makes it back to America and goes to Louisville, he cannot find Daisy. She is on her honeymoon with Tom Buchanan. Nick has to leave Gatsby to get to work. He is concerned about him, but Gatsby insists that he will be fine. After Nick leaves Gatsby decides to go use his pool and relax. Nick now tells the reader about what happened at Wilson's to start the chain of events that would occur. Michaelis has stayed with Wilson to make sure that he is all right. Wilson tells Michaelis that someone killed Myrtle on purpose, whoever was having the affair with her. Michaelis thinks it is all nonsense and tries to talk reasonably to Wilson. He ends up staying there until late. A man Michaelis recognized from the day of the accident offers to stay with Wilson. When Michaelis returns, both Wilson and the man are gone. Wilson was looking for Gatsby. Someone had told him that Gatsby was involved. When Wilson finally finds Gatsby's home he shoots Gatsby in his pool and kills himself as well.

Nick calls Daisy's house to speak to her but she and Tom have left without any way to be reached. He also tries to get in contact with Meyer Wolfsheim but cannot. Wolfsheim sends a letter later saying that he cannot comes to Gatsby's side. Shortly after Gatsby dies. A few days later Henry Gatz, Gatsby's father, comes to the house. He had heard about Gatsby's death in the paper and came at once. The day of the funeral Nick goes into the city to see Wolfsheim. Nick has to force himself into Wolfsheim's office, but Meyer refuses to come to the funeral saying that he can't get mixed up in another man's death. When Nick returns to the house he and Mr. Gatz talk about what Gatsby was like when he was younger. Gatz shows Nick a schedule that Gatsby wrote out when he was younger that shows a very driven, determined young Gatsby. The minister arrives at the house and seems ready to start the funeral but Nick asks him to wait for more people to show up, but no one does. When the small group goes to the cemetery another man ends up showing up for the service. He was a man who came to Gatsby's party that summer and thought he should be there out of respect.

A few days later Nick goes to see Jordan and formally end things between them. She tells him that she is engaged to another man and although not surprised, Nick pretends to be. Another afternoon Nick sees Tom on the street in the city. Nick is obviously disgusted with Tom and asks him what he said to Wilson. Nick has figured out that Tom was the one who told Wilson that it was Gatsby that was having an affair with his wife and who ran her down. Tom denies it but Nick is certain.

Nick goes back to his home one last time and decides that he doesn't want to live in the East anymore. He believes that he, and all of the others, were not fit to live out in the East and that is why they failed there.
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