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Maslow's Hierarchy of Desires Theory

Maslow's hierarchy of desires theory states that folks have a pyramid hierarchy of desires that they're going to satisfy from bottom to high. ranging from mere physiological subsistence the Maslow hierarchy of desires covers happiness to a social circle to following your talent through self-actualization. vital to the hierarchy of desires theory is that Maslow felt that unrealized desires lower on the ladder would inhibit the person from rise to following step.

The pyramid of desires is split into 2 categories: deficiency desires (physiological and safety) and growth desires (belonging, vanity and self-actualisation). If the deficiency desires are not glad, the person can feel the deficit and this may stifle his or her development.

Theory of desires

Maslow work things
When Maslow's hierarchy of desires is applied to figure things, it implies that managers have the responsibility, firstly, to create certain the deficiency desires ar met. This means, in broad terms, a secure atmosphere and correct wages. Secondly, it implies making a correct climate within which workers will develop their fullest potential. Failure to try and do therefore would on paper increase worker frustration and will end in poorer performance, lower job satisfaction, and inflated withdrawal from the organization.

For example, in line with Maslow's hierarchy of desires theory job insecurity and therefore the threat of layoffs, can block the person from their higher growth desires. they may work tougher to urge security, however while not fulfilling their alternative desires. If security does not come they're going to fulfill their desires elsewhere or go bad.
How to satisfy employee's desires

The figure below shows some potential ways in which of satisfying worker desires in line with Maslow's hierarchy of desires theory. a number of these ar simple and cheap to implement, others ar onerous and dear. Also, the employees' desires could vary. However, if you manage to implement a minimum of a number of these methods you'll be checked out as additional thoughtful, verificatory and fascinated by your people's welfare.

Need    Examples
Physiological         Cafeterias
  • Vending machines
  • Drinking fountains
Security         Economic
  • Wages and salaries
  • Fringe benefits
  • Retirement benefits
  • Medical benefits
  • Provide job descriptions
  • Avoid abrupt changes
  • Solve employee's problems
  • Working conditions
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Rest periods
Belonging         Encourage social interaction
  • Create team spirit
  • Facilitate outside social activities
  • Use periodic praise
  • Allow participation
Self-esteem         Design challenging jobs
  • Use praise and awards
  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Give training
  • Encourage participation
Self-actualization         Give training
  • Provide challenges
  • Encourage creativity
Implications for money incentives in Maslow's hierarchy of desires model
In Maslow's hierarchy of desires model, wages ar a part of the deficiency desires. which means that they function a live of security, which folks can feel unrealized in their want for safety till they need it.

Giving money bonuses may be a totally different matter. In Maslow's hierarchy of desires model, these will serve to satisfy the requirement for esteem. However, the manner they're awarded is additionally important: if they are not given in an environment of praise however as a mere profit for reaching an exact goal, they will work counterproductively as they're going to be seen as mere wages, and in and of itself solely serve to satisfy someone's deficiency desires, or not in any respect (if they do not really want the money).
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