How to Download Video from Youtube Without Software

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Instead of victimization transfer supporting package IDM (Internet transfer Manager), YouTube Downloader HD or YTD Video Downloader to transfer videos on Youtube, currently there are variant ways that to assist you are doing that. can guide you ways to transfer YouTube videos while not having to use any extra package.

It is simple that, IDM is one amongst current most powerful downloader utilized by variant users. you'll use this utility to transfer video on video-sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion and MetaCafe. However, generally there's no would like of IDM package to simply transfer YouTube videos to your laptop.

Method 1: transfer Youtube Videos through Associate in Nursing go-between web site
Visit the homepage of YouTube, select Video to transfer
To transfer this video, merely replace the”www.” by ”ss” before the computer address of that video.
For example, the first computer address is
After ever-changing the computer address


Click Enter to check the result. Here, you'll notice variant links, those transfer link correspond to every obtainable video format, click on any link that you just need to transfer.


Method 2: victimization the web downloader
To transfer Youtube video with none supporting package on your laptop, merely enter the ”Kiss” ahead of youtube name and press Enter.
For example with the first computer address higher than, when adding ”kiss” in the front, at this computer address can become.
A Web page can mechanically seem, click transfer by computer address to transfer Video that you would like to transfer.

Click Run - >Download


Conclusion: These are 2 ways that to assist you transfer video while not victimization transfer supporting package.
If you continue to need to use downloader for Youtube video, you'll see a lot of within the article: prime five Video Youtube downloaders.

Wish you success!

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