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The Tools for Increasing Youtube Revenue

For those of you who are currently a YouTube partner, of course, you will always try to maximize revenue by presenting a quality video. Not enough with that, you also need a tool and a source of important information, a place of learning and analysis to increase the audience. That way you are one step closer to achieving success as a YouTube partner. Preparing yourself to get maximum results. And here are, the tools and resources that important. So, you can use for free to increase revenue from YouTube.

Youtube revenue
1. Content ID
For those of you who seriously make YouTube as a source of income, it is important to keep the proceeds from YouTube to prevent others from stealing your content. Well, Content ID is a system that you can use for free to identify your video. If the system is to find your video stolen someone else, then the commercial result of the video will be returned to you. So if you do not currently use these facilities, immediately use is an important step in your career as a YouTube partner.

2. YouTube Trends
Always follow the trend is important to constantly get maximum results from YouTube. YouTube trends can be a very good place for it. Moreover, here you can find ideas for your video, which will be the engine for your next moneymaker.

3. YouTube Playbook
An invaluable resource provided by YouTube to help you develop an audience. Contains tips, strategies and best practices recommended by the team of experts YouTube. Loss if you do not use it well.

4. YouTube Keyword Tool
If there is to run Google Adsense Keyword Planner, for those who manage YouTube also has a similar tool. Through this tool, you can search for what is being searched by the users of Youtube. You have to use it!

5. Official YouTube Blog
This is the official blog of YouTube. In it you can follow the news, developments and various important information about YouTube. What happened on YouTube you can find here. A valuable source of achieving success with YouTube.

6. VidStatsX
Displaying data is complete from YouTube videos. In addition to video and top channels, you can search for many other detailed data. For more details, please visit directly. To be sure this is one of the very great source of statistics on YouTube.

7. YtTalk
YouTube user community the largest I know. Members of this community is really active. If you have questions about YouTube there are many masters who will answer your questions. So there is no reason not to immediately join the community's biggest YouTube. Will be getting a lot of inspiration, valuable information from here.

Those are some sources and essential tool for those who seriously want to make YouTube as a source of income. You may add if you know the other important sources. 

How? Ready to become a successful you tuber?

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