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K-13 Problems

Kurikulum 2013

In this time Indonesian curriculla has did in trouble. Curriculum which is used by among Indonesian's school did in trouble. After the curricula was changed by the minister of education  from KTSP 2006 to K-13 for about 1 semester before. Starting before Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, today the indonesian curriculum is changing or turning again to KTSP 2006 when the vice president of Indonesia was changed by Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

The question is that is the Curriculum 2013 not properly used in Indonesia or is the Indonesian students used as experiment? So, what is the main purpose of indonesian education? Some people say that they agree with this situation. They believe that this implementation of curriculum will change the characters of indonesia students. The reason is that this curriculum need the creativity and the inovative from the teacher to make their students more active not only in the class but also outside the class with the critical thinking. In addition, the result of the education is evaluated using autentik evaluation. The conclusion is that the student know what the weaknesses are in teaching and learning process.

The other side argue that this curriculum is very complicated even in the books' supplies and the evaluation of teaching and learning process which is made by the teacher. Almost the school among Indonesia have the same problems. The impact is that the students cannot undestand the material well.

Based on those problems, the new minister of Indonesia education; Mr. Anis Baswedan gives command for stopping the implementation of K-13. His policy solves the problem just a little.So, what will you do in the future? This is based on your decision.
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