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How to Upgrade Google Adsense Hosted Account to Non-Hosted Account

Yesterday I was giving a tutorial on how to create google adsense account via YouTube, so this time I will be back to share my thoughts about Google AdSense.

When we create a Google AdSense account through YouTube or Blogger and has been in the Approve, then our account will have the words "in the Hosting Account" or "Hosted Accounts". What does it means? Well, for those who are already experienced in the field of AdSense must have understood what the meaning of the text. But, for those who are beginners (like me), it would still be a question mark.

Well for that, this time I will explain the differences between Hosted Accounts with Non-Hosted AdSense Account. Google AdSense account, there are two types, namely Hosted and Non-Hosted Account. Hosted Google AdSense Account is an account that can only display AdSense ads on AdSense partner sites, such as YouTube, Blogspot, and etc. Essentially this account on this site is still being a hosting with Google.

While Non-Google Adsense Hosted Accounts are accounts that can be placed on any website and ads can appear on the site are in pairs AdSense code for the site do not violate the AdSense program policies. This account is usually created using the Top Level Domain such as .com, .net. and etc.

To be displayed on a blog or
other website than Google's partners, Hosted accounts have to go through the process of upgrading or upgrade your account first. The trick is as follows:


The first step is you have to go into your Google AdSense account. If you do not have, please create it first. You can read my previous article on how to create google adsense account via YouTube.

If you've entered, we go to step number two.


Once entered into Google AdSense, then you click on the gear icon and you select "Settings / Settings". For more details see the following picture:

dashboard hosted adsense account
Next do the third step.


After that, you will be taken to the following page. On this page select "Access and Authorization". See the following picture:

second dashboard

Then you will find the next page, there write the blog address you want to register to be able to display AdSense ads. And select Send. See the following figure.

form upgraded

If it is successful, wait until there is an email from AdSense, if your adsense has been approved so you can display your ads on your own website. And congratulations! Your account is no longer Hosted Accounts. May be useful. Thanks
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