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How to Insert Image on Our Blog Posting

In order to our posts is looking more attractive, we can insert images into our post. In addition, with the image also will be more clear about what we explain to the readers. By using pictures the readers are easily to be understood what the author wants. However, the installation of these images do not too much because it can potentially make our blog loading slowly.

To insert a picture on a post in Blogger is not difficult. First, in the Compose position, first determine the position of the cursor in the place where we will put the picture. After that, click the icon entitled "Insert image".

insert image

Then, the Add Images window will appear as shown below. (New Version from Blogger)

If you want to download an image from your computer, select Upload option. Then, click the Select File, then select the image and click the Open button. Wait a minute, Blogger is in the download process. When you are finished click the Add button selected. Then ,the image will be mounted on the Compose menu.

selected file

Furthermore, set the image as you wish by clicking the image, then the menu will appear as shown below.

  • Small  is to create images in the smallest size.
  • Medium is to create images in a medium size. 
  • Large is to create an image in a large size. 
  • X-Large is to create images in the extra large size. 
  • Original size is to make the image in actual size. 
  • Left is to put the image on the left of the text. 
  • Center is to put the picture in the middle of text. 
  • Right is to put the image on the right text. 
  • Add a caption is to add a caption below the image. 
  • Remove tis o delete the image.
If you want to insert an image from an existing image on your blog, please click the option From this blog on Add Images window. Then, select the picture you want and click the Add button selected. Select From Picasa Web Albums if you want to take from the Picasa album. If you want insert from your phone please click From Your Phone. If you want to use image from URL, please select the option More then click From a URL, then enter the URL of your image and click the Add button selected. In this menu, (More) there are 2 options besides from URL, here we can insert image trough webcam.
That's all my explanation today, hopefully this article is helpful for us. If any questions for me please give comment below. Thanks. 
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