How to Eliminate Captcha Verification on Blog

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Captcha or verification word is to express human commentators not as a robot. One of the objective of Captcha is to reduce spammers. Having the word verification is very annoying if anyone wants to comment on a blog. Therefore, for you who want to eliminate this word verification please refer in and read carefully. Here, I will tell us about how to eliminate captcha feature. So, It will make the readers are easier to give comments to our readers.

Captcha code

How to Eliminate Captcha Feature In Blogger Comments

Please sign in to get in on your Blogger account. Then select the blog you want to remove the word verification, and select Settings. Here I take a picture from other blog.


In the picture, you can see that tab settings is on the lowest tab. See that, after click tab settings you must click posts and comments. This part is tell us about how to change moderation level. It means that before the writer of the blog publish the reader's comment they have to moderate the comment first. Email address here is used to notified the pending comments.

See the next picture below, I take from Indonesian Blog. On the View Verification word, select No. If in Indonesian It means "Tidak"
 Verification word
 The last step is Save Settings. See picture below.
That's all my explanation. It is very simple, isn't it? so I hope that this article will be useful for us. Amin.

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