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Get Loans from BRI

BRIBank Rakyat Indonesia is one of the banks that made the favorite institution prospective entrepreneurs to get business loans. So far, how to get a bank loan BRI for entrepreneurs, including those deemed most convenient, without excessive requirements and has managed to score a lot of small and medium-sized businesses succeed.

Although including a bank that requires a specific collateral when you apply for a loan business, it is balanced with quality services.

The Advantage Business Capital Borrowing from BRI

Loans BRI gives some ease and advantages over private banks, which cut flowers are quite small when compared to private banks so that your repayment installments will be lighter. In addition, because it is a government-owned bank, security and protection factor greater. The Bank also has a lot of branches so you do not have to bother to look at the location of your neighborhood.

How to Borrow Business Capital BRI

Here's how pendapatkan BRI bank loans for working capital (intended for owners or prospective small business entrepreneurs):

1. For Individual Entrepreneur
If you do individual business, your business must have run at least 6 months, with the type of business that are considered feasible, does not violate the law or the applicable order of morality. For individual business, you simply provide documentation of personal data such as ID cards, KK, marriage licenses and so on.

2. For Enterprises / Retail
If your business has a business or retail entity, with legal business licenses and business establishment according to applicable regulations, then you are entitled to a loan of up to or more than 100 million rupiah.Cara get BRI bank loan for this type of business is also more complicated, namely the obligation provide all coffee legality companies and surta business license must be obtained from the local headman.

If you are members of cooperatives or some sort of agency / business group, the requirements are in addition to the description of the legality of local government agencies, plus associated documentation.

How to get a bank loan to venture capital BRI is not too complicated, but the impact on your business can be enormous if you know how to use it.

Ok, may be that's enough how to borrow some loan from BRI. Read also How to get the best loan Thanks.
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