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The Errors in Writing Articles

On this occasion SEO Anyaran will share an article about Five Errors In Writing Articles On Blog. Sometimes blogger needs to write articles that mediocrity without knowing the intent of the article. By not knowing the purposes of the article it will be difficult for us to understand. Error writing articles like the one typing letters left that there is very influential in the search engines, but the visitors to our blog can be understood if only there are some words just missed. But if the posts on your blog like writing SMS messages are usually short and of course writing in Alay form, this will be very confusing the visitors who read our blog article. Therefore, it is very important that the blogger have to pay attention to the text that we type for blog posting. 

Writing's Error

Blogger no need to write a blog article length, I know that most blog posting will be saturated and the visitor will probably not read the whole article. Therefore, it does not have to write the article at length because the visitors will only find and read the core of an article and this usually sought by visitors, more than 1000 of visitors will leave our blog. Ok, let us discuss about the Five mistakes in writing articles on a blog, please check it out: 

1. The Total Words of Blog Posting 
The number of words that available in our article is generally about from 200 to 400 words. This is an amount sufficient to make SEO Friendly article and in general the number of 200-400 words already spelled out enough. What if there are more than 400 words? Please just as long as it is not too much further ado and try to give a sense of the article, so visitors will read to understand the meaning of the stretcher. And if your writing is much ado then the end will be bored and tired, until finally visitors close your blog and look for another blog article. 

2. Paper-Based SMS (Short / Alay) 
Most bloggers are often using a short article in writing an article on his own blog. This short article will be very difficult for the readers to understand the intent of the articles that have been written. Although not all blogger is writing an article on his blog by using a short article. tThis will affect the quality of your blog and oddly enough in this blog. If there is a Widget Translate, it really does not make sense, because the brief article can not be translated into English or other languages​​. This is if the blog already has a high visitor. 

3. Do not Make Sense 
The article does not make sense will be hated by readers of the blog. You must know if the readers hate with your article, you must immediately leave the blog and look for another blog article. Writing articles that make sense it is very easy that you can start by writing a introduction word or little niceties in the first paragraph about what you would write an article, so that the visitors will continue to read your blog until the contents of the article finished. Then, the visitors will give a conclusion and cover to end an article. 

4. Languages ​​Not Raw 
There are many mistakes who often missed by Blogger, which was using standard language in a blog posting. It was very influential factors to our blog SEO. If your blog use a language that you write in your article in the blog is not raw as in paper-based SMS it will not be translated into a Widget Translate. Default language will make the reader understand the meaning of an article that we wrote. And we need to note that in Indonesia, it has many of languages ​​that we certainly can not understand it and therefore using the standard language we will be easy to communicate, especially in writing article on the blog. 

5. Unclear Information
An particular article that the blogger shares about a news or the latest information are the important thing today. We need to consider the sources of the information. The otherwise that the information would mislead a reader that can occur between the interrelated problems of the real world with the virtual world. With this information, it is not clear information that would be very bad for the readers. If it has spread widely, we know that the blog is a medium of information that can be seen by anyone so that everyone will read what we share, so be careful in making your blog article. 

Maybe that's all that I can say about Five Errors In Writing Articles On Blog. More or less apologize. Hopefully Helpful ... Thanks.

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