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How to Make New Blog

Today, who did not know about Blog. Many of people around the world are not only sharing their feeling or their wishes to others but also they can share to the blog. Blogs are web applications that resemble the shape of the writings (published as a post) on a public web page. Many free blog providers such as Blogger, WordPress, Drupal, Blog Seconds and many more. To create a blog on Blogger, we must have a Gmail account. Therefore, before we proceed to create a blog it is very good if we have to create a Gmail account first, please read the article about Easy Ways to Make Gmail Accounts without phone verification.

Blogger is a free blog from a Google's branch. Once you have a Gmail account, the next step is going to Blogger.com site.

Form Login Blogger

Please login with your email and password. After completing, click Sign in to log into Blogger. Usually after completion, we will be taken on the Personal Info, just ignore it and then enter again to Blogger by adding the url in your browser and then Enter.

Then you will go to the Blogger Dashboard, as shown below.

Please click on the top menu to the left of New Blog to create a new blog. This will bring up a window charging.

Blogger Registration Form

After you look at the picture, you must fill the blog data inline your wishes. Please sign your blog.
  1. Title: Fill in the title of your blog. 
  2. Address: Fill with your blog address.
  3. Template: Please select the default template of your blog. 

The final step, please click Create a Blog!. Congratulations now you already have a new blog. After you are finished this step, you can make the first posting in your blog. That's all my little tutorial if any questions please contact me below in comment form.
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