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How to Claim / Verification Blog on Latest Alexa Site 2014

In March 2014, the site Alexa has been changed their view or their template website. These changes make a lot of bloggers are confused how to claim or verification blogs there. I am also often hear that to claim blog in alexa.com verification must be paid.

alexa web

Based on this problem, I finally started to browse the site to alexa.com and try to learn it. I learn more and more about how to claim our blog in alexa.com till one day I find a way How to Verify Claim or Blog in Alexa site without having to pay a penny. OK, on this occasion I will share the way, please be read carefully.
Stage One: Taking Alexa Code Verification

1. Please login first to www.alexa.com site. If you already have an account please click Sign In, and if not have simply created first by clicking on the Create An Account.

Sign in Alexa

2. Please login to your account, or you can use alexa with facebook account to sign in alexa.

Sign in alternative

3. After that go here at http://www.alexa.com/siteowners/claim.
4. Enter your blog URL in the box provided and then click Continue.

Claim Site

5. You will be redirected to a page and asked to select the 3 methods for verification, select method 2 because it is very easy way to claim your blog in alexa.

Choose method

6. Copy the script are available there, then we move on to the second stage. Remember, do not close the first page of this alexa.

copy script

Stage Two: Put the Alexa blog Verification Code

  • Login to your blogger dashboard. 
  • Select the template and click Edit HTML - Expand  
  • Find the code <head> for faster click ctrl +f
  • Paste / put the code that you get the first step right under the code <head>. See the example below.
<meta content='ry-UOmNVAWLHjhoTL8wIAo4wuXs' name='alexaVerifyID'/>
  • Then click Save Template. 
  • Finally we return to the alexa site, then click the Verify button my ID.
  • Done, and it will say Your site is successfully claimed.

Well, now your Website / Blog have claimed and hopefully by using this way your Alexa Rank of your blog will be slim. Thats all my explanation of article on "How to Claim / Verification Blog on Latest Alexa Site 2014".

Hopefully this article that I share has the benefit for all, thank you. See also: How to Install Latest Alexa Rank Widget in Blog
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