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How to Check Broken Links

Broken links or dead links on a blog will damage and interfere with the quality of our blogs on SEO, therefore if you have a blog, or there are broken links fix it immediately so it will not interfere the quality of the SEO on our blog. Usually broken links are inactive or in result is caused due to an article deleted in our blog, but the links have been indexed in a search engine, especially Google, so it is undetectable to a link that is no longer active. In addition to the existence of an article that we delete there are also other reasons that led to a dead link on a blog that is when we write articles and use an active link but the link is not working anymore and finally detected as broken links, this usually occurs by a blog that provides links downloads but the link is broken and can not be used anymore. 

To stop the broken link on our blog, we can start from now is by giving posting or writing articles do not use an active link, use the following link to die like this: 

Active links: 
Inactive links: 

By using the inactive link, it will slightly reduce the number of broken links on your blog that after a while the link is no longer useful, and therefore stop it using the active links in your article in order not to multiply the number of broken links on your blog. Okay lets read to the material that is the way how to check broken links on the blog, please read the tutorial below: 

1. Go to brokenlinkcheck.com
2. Put the link of your blog or website 
3. Click Find Broken Links
free check broken links
4. Then write the Security Code 
5. Click the Find Broken Links Now 

There is 2 options: 
Report broken links only distinct 
Report all occurrences of each dead link (may be slower) 
- If you choose the first, The meaning is only partially broken link that will be detected 

- If you choose the latter, it means that all links that are not active will be detected and it will take a long time.

security code

6. Wait for a few minutes for checking broken links, long or not is depending on the number of web pages. 

7. If you are finished there will be a number of links that are not active, Please fix it immediately

total broken links

Thats all the explanation about How to Check Broken Links In Blog. Hopefully this explanation is Helpful for us. Thanks.
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