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Parent's Support

Parents support

The role of parents is needed to support academic achievement in school. There are many factors can affect a child's academic achievement; one of them is the parents’ support. Parents’ support is a treatment form of parents in providing care and assistance to solve the problems in education faced by children in order to achieve academic achievement. According to Sarafino (1994), parents’ support refers to the sense of social support which means the existence of people who pay attention, respect and love.

According to Sarason in Risma and Retnaningsih (2008:6), social support is the willingness, awareness, appreciate, and cherish of the reliable people. Howse (1981) states that support is interpersonal relationships involving two or more people to meet the basic needs of the individual in getting sense of security, good social relation, approval and affection. According to Cobb in Risma and Retnaningsih (2008:8) support is to help people with the acceptance of condition and give comfortable sense, attention, or appreciation.

Slameto (2010) states parents’ support is parents’ way to motivate their children in order to increase children’s achievement. According to the explanations above it can be concluded that parents’ support is the assistance given by parents to their children in fulfilling the basic needs of children in the form of giving a sense of security, attention and affection due to increase children’s academic achievements.
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