Types of Teaching Writing

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Brown (2000), summarizes five major categories of classroom writing performances. Those categories are very important to the students because it can make them easier to write some text. The explanation about the categories is served below:

Imitative, or writing down; At the beginning level of learning to write, students will simply ”write down” English letters, word, and possibly sentence in order to learn the conventions of the orthographic code.

Intensive or controlled; Writing is sometimes used as a production mode for learning, reinforcing, or testing grammatical concepts. This intensive writing typically appears in controlled, written grammar exercises. This types of writing does not allow much, if any, creativity on the part of the writer.

Self-writing; The most salient instance of this category in classroom is note-taking, diary or journal writing.

Display writing; For all language students, short answer exercises, essay examinations, and even research reports will involve an element of display.

Writing in purpose

Real writing; While virtually every classroom writing task will have an element of display writing in it, some classroom writing aims at the genuine communication of messages to an audience in need of those messages.

Based on the explanation before, there are five categories types of writing. If the students want to master the writing they have to understand first about those all. The students have to learn and practice about the definition of teaching writing before they learn about types of writing.

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