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Techniques of Teaching Reading

The teacher should use the technique in implementing some method in teaching in order to achieving the teaching goal. “Technique is the way which is done by someone for implementing a method” Sanjaya (123:2006). They are some techniques in teaching reading as follow; Reading Aloud; Students take turns reading section of passage, play or dialog out loudly. At the end of each students turn, the teacher use gestures, pictures, realities, example, or other means to make the meaning of the section clear. 

Question and Answer Exercise; this exercise is conducted only in the target language. Students are asked question and answer in full sentences so that they practice with new words and grammatical structure. They have the opportunity to ask question as well as answer them.

Getting Student to Self- Correct; the teacher of this class has the students‟ self- concert by asking them to make a choice between what they said and alternative answer he supplied. There are, however, other ways of getting students to self- correct. For example, teacher might simply repeat what a student has just said; using a questioning voice to signal to the student that something was wrong with it. Another possibility is for the teacher to repeat what the student said, stopping just before the error. The students know that the next word was wrong.

Dictation; The teacher read the passage there times. The first time the teacher reads it at a normal speed. While the student just list. The second time he reads the passage phrase, pausing long enough to allow students to write down what they have heard. The last time the teacher again read at a normal speed, and student check there works.

The K-W-L-H Teaching Technique; The K-W-L-H teaching technique is a good method to help student’s active prior knowledge. It is a group intuition activity developed by Donna Ogle (1986) that serves as a model for active thinking during reading. K- Stands for helping students recall what they know about the subject. W- Stands for helping students determine what they want to learn L- Stands for helping students identify what they learn as they read H- Stands for how we can learn more (other sources where additional information on the topic can be found). Students complete the “categories” section at the bottom of the graphic organizer by; asking themselves what each statement in the “L” section (what we learned) describe. They use these categories and the information in the “H” section (how we can learn more) to learn more about the topic. Students also can use the categories to create additional graphic organizers. They can use the organizers to review and write about what they learned. Story Mapping Technique; Story mapping technique is a technique in writing which student is lead to write the text as the series of some steps called story mapping. Idol(1987) in Edward Steven Shapiro (1996:207) “Story mapping technique is the way of teaching where the students are thought to organize the story into specific parts, including the setting, problem, goal, action and outcome”.

Technique in Teaching Reading

Jigsaw Technique; Jigsaw was one of the earliest of cooperative learning method. In jigsaw, each student in a five to six member group is given unique information on a topic that the whole group is studying.

DRTA (Directed Reading Thinking Activity); Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) is a useful strategy to get students to make inferences while reading. The role of the teacher is to guide students through a selection in order for them to formulate questions for them, make predictions, and validate or reject the predictions. The strategy should be done over a period of time during which the teacher models and gradually reduces guidance until students begin to use the strategy independently. The final instructional objective is that the students be able to independently apply the DRTA strategy to all their reading selections.

Those are all about the techniques which can used by the teacher to handle their class. This techniques can be used successfully with the models of reading. Those techniques are very important thing in the nature of reading.
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