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Non formal Education

Non Formal Education

Education is the important factor from human live. With education human became cultured and able to develop the culture to get better live. Education is has value not only to be formed the individual but also to be formed the culture of society go in the direction of the quality of better live. Nanang Fattah (2004:7) states that education is one of the efforts of increasing quality of human live. With increasingly quality of the human, the human can be qualified their selves regularly to protect and increasing their quality to the best for a variety of society living area. In this sub-chapter will discuss about definition of non formal education, characteristic of non formal education, and types of non formal education.
Sudjana SF, Djudju (1983) states that non-formal education is a kind of education beside of formal education. This education can be realization by structural and step by step. The product of non formal education can be appreciated as same as  formal education product after pass through of processes equal assessment by institution who is chosen by government or region government with refer to standard national education.
Non-formal education is conclude of  education of live qualification,  PAUD (education for early children), education for young man,  education of woman recourse, education of letter of alphabet, education of skill and job training. Education of equivalent is conclude of package A, package B, and package C, and also another education that pointed to develop the students ability like as: study of community center, courses institution, training institution, study community, esteem council, and small house temple.
La Belle, 1986, p. 2 (1969), states that non-formal education has been alternatively described as any organized systematic educational activity carried on outside the framework of the formal educational system, to provide selected types of learning to particular subgroups in the population.
Coombs and Ahmed, p.8 (1974), Non-formal education was defined as every educational activity outside of formal. Non-formal education is any organized, systematic, educational activity carried on outside the framework of the formal system to provide selected types of learning to particular subgroups in the population, adults as well as children.
According to Fasli Jalal, Dedi Supriadi (2001) conclude that non-formal education must be brave to imitate the best way that grow in the society and develop it with suitable knowledge and technology to make non-formal education to be love and to be look for in the society.
Those are some literature about the concept of non formal education. There are more than one about the non formal education. If you want to know more about the types and characteristics of Non-formal education Click here.
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