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About Me

This website is created by Irwan Sulistyanto. Irwan Sulistyanto is also the author and designer of this blog. Irwan Sulistyanto is an ordinary person from Tulungagung.

About Web-Based Learning (Move to Bos Informasi)
This site contains material and other things about EFL as the main point then Education, News and Tips Blogging for the additional topics. The articles for Teaching is hopefully can contribute to the EFL program in Indonesia especially. This sites generally provide information about the things that included how to prepare some theories in process of teaching, the material of teaching and learning process, and so on. On the other hand, realize that the era of globalization has led to the rapid development of technology, especially the Internet, then I also fill out this blog about Blogging Tips and all matters relating to the core things.

The need for the Internet is getting higher, therefore, through this site I try to help those who need guidance or other tips to build a blog with Blogspot and start blogging with blogging tips that I have. You may add an opinion, criticism / suggestions, other materials, and so on to beautify the content of this website.

You are also allowed to ask for clarification on a specific topic that interests you, while the topic is related to the study of EFL, Blogspot, and other blogging tips. Please enjoy reading this blog content, so received any response of origin in accordance with the procedures and manners. Finally, please explore.

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