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Pre-Experimental Styles

Pre - Experimental DesignPre-experiments are the only type of analysis style or it calls the simplest form of research design. During a pre-experiment either one cluster or multiple teams ar determined following some agent or treatment likely to cause modification.
Types of Pre-Experimental style
  1. One-shot case study style
  2. One-group pretest-posttest style
  3. Static-group comparison
One-Shot Case Study Style
A single cluster is studied at one purpose in time when some treatment that's likely to possess caused modification. The fastidiously studied single instance is compared to general expectations of what the case would have sounded like had the treatment not occurred and to alternative events nonchalantly determined. No management or comparison cluster is used.
One-Group Pretest-Posttest Style
A single case is determined at 2 time points, one before the treatment and one when the treatment. Changes within the outcome of interest ar likely to be the results of the intervention or treatment. No management or comparison cluster is used.
Static-Group Comparison
A group that has seasoned some treatment is compared with one that has not. determined variations between the 2 teams ar assumed to be a results of the treatment.
Validity of Results
An important downside of pre-experimental styles is that they're subject to various threats to their validity. Consequently, it's typically troublesome or not possible to dismiss rival hypotheses or explanations. Therefore, researchers should exercise extreme caution in decoding and generalizing the results from pre-experimental studies.

One reason that it's typically troublesome to assess the validity of studies that use a pre-experimental style is that they typically don't embody any management or comparison cluster. while not one thing to match it to, it's troublesome to assess the importance of AN determined modification within the case. The modification might be the results of historical changes unrelated to the treatment, the maturation of the topic, or AN unit of the testing.

Even once pre-experimental styles determine a comparison cluster, it's still troublesome to dismiss rival hypotheses for the determined modification. this is often as a result of there's no formal thanks to confirm whether or not the 2 teams would are identical if it had not been for the treatment. If the treatment cluster and therefore the comparison cluster take issue when the treatment, this could be a mirrored image of variations within the initial achievement to the teams or differential mortality within the experiment.
Advantages and Drawbacks
As searching approaches, pre-experiments will be a cheap thanks to pick out whether or not a possible clarification is warrant more investigation.
Pre-experiments provide few benefits since it's typically troublesome or not possible to rule out various explanations. The nearly insurmountable threats to their validity ar clearly the foremost vital disadvantage of pre-experimental analysis styles.
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